Day 1 – Oxted, UK to Eymet, France

1st October 2009
Miles traveled: 627
Today we mostly listened to: Audiobook, God is not Great

Following a lovely evening at Chows Chinese restaurant in Oxted – where a bunch of family and friends decided to send us off with a farewell dinner – we headed off early on Thursday morning to get on the Eurotunnel.  Not much really to report from our first day.  We saw lots of French service stations, the Paris ring road and paid extortionate amounts of money for a limp lettuce baguette.  We arrived at our destination in the Dordogne just after 9pm – much red wine and cheese followed…

We should probably mention at this point that we never would have left by our 1st October deadline if we didn’t have help from a few people.  Firstly to some great mechanics at Brian Gordon (based in Oxted, Surrey) and also  Gigglepin who helped fix the winch.  Also Roger (Dickie’s Pop) spent many hours under the bonnet and in the back of Monty helping us to get it all ready to go.  We also used his tools, ate his food and drank his beer whilst we did it!

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