About Us

Just after the proposal

Ric is an Apple Techie. Which means he’s boring at dinner parties until the iPod breaks at which point he becomes surprisingly useful! He set up RMStudio, a small Mac support company in the west end of London 5 years ago and has been building it up and knocking it down since. He grew up in Singapore, Den Haag and London. He also loves Land Rovers. On more than one occasion he’s been called a “fair weather survivalist” which means he likes watching Ray Mears eat stuff in the woods but as soon as he tries it himself and it rains he books himself into the nearest Hotel. The last time he went traveling, whilst in a hostel in Borneo a cleaner woke him up by hoovering too early. He spent the rest of the holiday in the Shangri-La.

Charlie grew up in the home counties, graduated from Oxford, moved to London and started a promising career in PR.  She later met Ric and it has all been a bit down hill since. She loves late night Karaoke, cooking and is a self-confessed ‘crazy cat lady’. Apparently goat is on the menu most days in Africa but if anyone can make it taste wonderful Charlie can.  Trekking to see her ‘Simian Brothers in the Forest’ is the bit Charlie’s most looking forward to. Spending too much time in a car is something she is less keen on…
An interviewer once asked Charlie to describe herself in three words to which her response was…. “Monica from Friends”.  She didn’t get the job.

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