Day 44 – Egypt

Location: Hathor Hotel, Aswan

Miles travelled: 2 miles (on a Felluca boat)

Weather: 34ºC – Still Sizzling

Today we mostly listened to: Ummm, nothing actually

We had a ‘free’ day today as there isn’t anything we can arrange for the ferry until Saturday morning.  So after doing some washing and shopping chores in the morning we then went in search of a barber to cut Ric’s increasingly wild hair.  Ric has had his long curly locks for a good few years now, so it was a little bit of a wrench – still, much better for the hot weather.

We then headed to the Nubian museum in Aswan and spent a couple of hours wandering around.  It contains relics from a vast array of Nubian history going right back to prehistoric stuff – all very interesting.


We then caught the local ferry over to Elephanine Island (paying about 10 times as much for our ticket as all the locals – grrrrrr, getting annoyed of this part of Egypt now!).  The atmosphere on the Island is completely different to the main part of Aswan – much more laid back and no hassle except for a few children who wanted to wander around with us and hold Ric’s hand.  We were able to walk around the tiny streets peeking in to houses and completely free from the cries of…’you wanna felucca, taxi, come look in my brothers shop’.  The ironic thing is that it was at this point that we thought it would be quite nice to take a felucca ride (as it was close to sunset) but there weren’t any in site!

We managed to find one without too much trouble though and the tiny boat took us around elephatine and philae island for an hour.  The wind was pretty strong today and as it was a small boat we were able to get up a good speed at points.  We then got the ferry back from Elephanine early evening and met up with Pim and Git for dinner.  We heard about a good Nubian restaurant (Panorama) so we decided to head there – mouths salivating!  When we got there an American couple were leaving with thoroughly satisfied looks on their faces.  They confirmed the food was ‘aaaaawesome’ so we headed in with much excitement.  Unfortunately the restaurant was completely full and we couldn’t get in – gutted.  We’re going to head back tomorrow…but early this time.

We enjoyed a fish supper instead at Chef Khalil’s and then beers on the terrace of our hotel.  Tomorrow we plan to watch the Algeria / Egypt football match which everyone seems to be extremely excited about.  We’ve heard that when the Algerian team arrived in Cairo they had stones thrown at them – bad form by the Egyptian fans there!  Seriously hope Egypt win if that’s how they react!

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