Day 7 – Italy

Location: Genoa, Italy (N44.24.597 E8.54.530)
Today we mostly listened to: Duffy
Miles travelled: 227
Weather: 23ÂșC Sunny with clouds

After going to bed at about 9.30 last night, due mostly to the lack of alcohol and entertainment at our campsite, we arose early at around 7.30.  Charlie cooked poridge for breakfast and we packed up and headed off around 9am.  The drive from our campsite to Genoa was beautiful.  It has been a blue sky day with temperatures around 25 degrees (perfect).  We passed through Cannes, Monaco and Antibes.  Had we had more time (and money) we might have stopped for lunch but we decided to push on to the port.  As it turned out we had such a long wait, we should have stopped!

We got to the port at Genoa around 1.30.  After a bit of faffing at the Grande Navi office trying to get our tickets, it turned out that the internet print out we had would suffice to get us in to the relevant ferry queue.  Then we waited…..and waited….and waited.  We were supposed to board around 4pm, but the boat hadn’t even arrived by this time.  Eventually around 6pm the boat rocked up and began unloading.  So we waited some more.  At no point did any Italian official tell anyone what was going on or about the delay.  Not wishing to sterotype so early on in the trip, but the inefficiency of the whole operation was well, just a little bit laid-back Italian.  It was only when we saw a bunch of Germans walking in to a derelict looking building (with not a single sign in site to inidicate its official presence) with their passports that we thought it prudent to follow suite.  I’m glad we did as this was the check-in point where we were allocated our cabin and also got some official stamp from an Italian policeman.

So we made it on to the ferry and in to our cabin.  A crappy pasta meal and some wine followed, then a dvd in bed – Night at the Museum 2 (quite rubbish).

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