Day 8 – Ferry between Italy and Tunisia

Location: In the middle of the mediterranean sea (N38 32.093 E10 18.874)

Today we mostly listened to: Chill out albums (the calm before the Tunisian customs storm!)

Miles travelled: Well lots, but on a boat so we’re not counting

Weather: 26ÂșC Sunny

I am going to entitle this blog my ‘Coeur de la Mer’ blog (Lucy T will understand) – made appropriate because I have spent the last two nights dreaming about the film Titanic.  What does that say about my inner thoughts? – that I was hoping Leonardo would be on-board, perhaps.

Well unfortunately there is no sign of Leo – just the German Sahara Club, a few french couples, a Norwegian family (who drove all the way down to Genoa in 2 days!) and lots and lots of Tunisian men.  We think we are the only Brits aboard.  Our cabin is great.  Its right out of the seventies, but the best thing is that we are right at the front of the ship beneath the bridge giving us the most awesome view of the Med from the front of the ship.

We’re just chilling today until we arrive in Tunis at 8pm this evening.  At this point we anticipate carnage to follow.  The cars are all facing the wrong way for getting out so reversing Monty off should be fun.  We also need to sort out a bit of paperwork before we can drive off in search of our hotel for the night.  I think it will be a late one…..

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