Day 12 – Hammamet & Tunis (again!)

Location: Hammamet (N36.24236 E10.33664) and Tunis

Miles travelled: 50 miles

Weather: 26ºC – 30ºC – sunny with big storm clouds too

Today we mostly listened to: Prince (today), Arcade Fire (yesterday)

Useful info: The campsite we stayed at was called Camping/Hotel Samaris (just outside of Hammamet) –

So we spent a fine day in Hammamet yesterday walking along the beach and running in to huts everytime a big storm cloud came over.  We ate lunch in a nice hotel (blowing the days budget in one go).  We must have walked for about 5km in total so feel like we’ve done our exercise for the week.  We went back to the campsite around 5ish and made dinner whilst it was still light.  Scrabble and more gin followed.  I cant remember where I heard this exactly but I think tonic has quinine in it (or maybe it used to) which is good for repelling mosquitoes (or maybe it was for preventing marlaria, i cant quite remember).  Anyway, it didn’t work for me as one of the little buggers got through my trousers and bit me on the bum – massive red lump there now which looks so fetching with the bikini.

Our peaceful little campsite was also invaded last night by a french contingent who were on their way from (or to) Tatouine (the star wars place).  Ric got excited about some of the cars – I particularly liked the yellow one with a picture of a palm tree on it!

We packed up early this morning and left the campsite around 7.  We headed back along the road we came down a few days ago back to Tunis.  It is incredibly frustrating to be going back instead of forward but the clutch needs to be looked at and Tunis is probably our best bet.  We got to the Landrover dealership which was closed over the weekend.  Half an hour of not understanding the mechanic and him not understanding us and we were no further.  Eventually we managed to work out that it was going to take 50 days for him to order in the clutch part we need!  How can a Landrover Dealership in a Capital City not only not have this major part in stock, but also not be able to get in for 50 days!!!!  Anyway, we got the name of a chap that might be able to help us.  We visited him this morning and whoop whoop, he has the part.  We then found a mechanic around the corner who is currently fitting it for us.  Ric is with him now trying to gee him along a bit to get it done for tomorrow.  We need to leave here soon as it is beginning to feel like we’re in the Bermuda Triangle – we just can’t get out!

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