Day 15 – Tunisia to Libya

Location: Triploi (N32.54446 E13.16070)

Miles travelled: 316 miles

Weather: 30ÂșC – Hot sunny and dusty

Today we mostly listened to: Kings of Leon

We set off early this morning from Sfax, if you’re planning to do this trip plan to avoid Sfax, it’s an uninviting hole in the desert. Stay in Sousse or DJerba.

As we travelled south the landscape turned from Mediterranean to desert quite quickly and before we knew it we were at the Libyan border. Tip: Fuel is a lot cheaper in Libya so don’t worry about filling up before you get there.

Our border crossing was quite painless, under two hours which is good apparently. On the Tunisian side they did ask “do you have any beer or whiskey” to which we replied confidently “no”. We have a couple of bottles of gin but they didn’t ask about them and didn’t find them in the search! Alcohol is prohibited in Libya but our guide says he’s going to find us some desert Tequila.

We met our guide Bedram and our contact Farhat at the border. They took care of all of our paperwork while we just sat in the car. This made it so easy and if it wasn’t compulsory I’d recommend it wholeheartedly.

We’re now in Tripoli back at the hotel, it’s okay, not too expensive cheap and has views of the Med. We’ve been for dinner in the city followed by Coffee in Green Square. Off to bed now, we’ve got quite a lot of driving to do tomorrow and Leptis Magna to fit in somewhere too. Libya is 2000km and we’ve only got 5 days to do it in.

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