Libya – Tips

For fellow overlanders using this blog for research here our some tips about Libya which you may find useful:

1) To travel in Libya you need a guide to be present with you at all times.  As we weren’t able to book a package tour we arrange our own guide through Farhat –  If you email him he will be able to sort out the guide, the visas and the car insurance.  Having a guide makes it expensive to travel in Libya, but once you are there, food and petrol is dirt cheap.

2) Make sure you find a guide that is willing to camp and you may need to provide a tent for them.  We bought a pop-up tent in France for our guide, Bedram.

3) Petrol is really really cheap so don’t bother filling up on the Tunisian side and make sure you fill up before getting to Egypt.  The word for diesel is pronounced ‘Nafta’ and it is often hidden behind petrol stations – look for where the trucks are going. Fill up whenever you can as they sometimes run out.

4) Be aware that outside of Tripoli Libya is a fairly conservative muslim state – women all wear headscarfs and if you’re an unmarried couple you may prefer to say that you are.  We were asked this in one hotel we stayed at.

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