Day 29 – Egypt

Location: Ismalia (on the Suez canal) N30.583171,E32.287905
Miles travelled: 80 miles (to Ismalia)
Weather: 30ÂșC – Sunny with some puffy clouds
Today we mostly listened to: New Moon and wailing music in taxis

We’re still waiting for Monty to be fixed, so in the meantime we have decided to head out of Cairo to Ismalia (on the Suez canal).  We really like Cairo but the constant beeping noise and pollution does get to you, so a couple of days outside the city were in order.  Ric was keen to see the wondrous engineering of Suez (yawn!), so we’re in a nice hotel relaxing and topping up the tans.

Before leaving Cairo though we decided to take in the ‘Light and Sound’ show at the Pyramids.  It was like being at Disney World listening to the Sphinx speak (I’m not kidding) and we had to try to hide our giggles at some points at the complete comedy value of the whole thing – genius!

There isn’t much else to report really.  We’re still enjoying the wonderful hospitaility of the Egyptians – Essam has suggested we go for gin and tonics with him at the weekend – the weather is nice and apart from having to wait for news on Monty we’re managing to make the most of the situation.

We did manage to find another Land Rover parts dealer in Cairo and we’ll update details on the ‘useful tips about Egypt page’ shortly.  If nothing else this blog will become a handy tool for people to know how to get Land Rovers fixed in North Africa should you ever need to!

We’re also not sure whether anyone is actually reading these updates apart from Chrisie, our parents and a few other nice people leaving messages.  No-one is leaving comments on the comments page!  I know we’re rather dull sometimes (particularly Ric when drunk) but we love to hear comments from home so do keep them coming!

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