Day 32 – Egypt

Location: Ismalia House Hotel (Cairo)

Miles travelled: 0 miles

Weather: 30ºC – Sunny with some puffy clouds

Today we mostly listened to: Shuffle on the iPod

So Monty was supposed to be ready today.  The good news is that they have all the relevant parts now, the bad news is it still isn’t ready!  Tomorrow we hope – Inshalla.

So we returned to Cairo on Friday afternoon, back to the Ismalia House Hotel – it’s like we never left!  Yesterday we ventured over to the Islamic section of Cairo to wander around the spice market.  A pleasant afternoon followed and we even managed to find a couple of antiques shops – one which tried to sell me a postcard for £5 – I offered him 5p before leaving the shop.  I’d love to be able to say that some Egyptian shop-keepers dont live up to their reputation of trying to make a fast buck from tourists, but we’re yet to find one!

Despite having to avoid pesky shop-keepers and ignoring the cries of ‘how many camels for your wife’ (I swear they just do this to make tourists laugh, I cant imagine anyone ever taking them up on the offer, even if you did hate your wife what would you do with a load of camels?) – we still really enjoyed wandering round the narrow streets and stopping for a mango juice.

We headed over to Al Azhar park in the evening to watch the sunset over Cairo and have a bite to eat in the hilltop restaurant there.  Due to the lack of alcohol available at the restaurant Ric was keen to leave after eating so we headed back – again trying to avoid over-priced taxis.

Saturday night movie-night followed with Watchmen the main feature film.  I think I’m losing braincells here in Cairo as Ric had to explain the plot to me several times – it didn’t help that we recently watched x-men and I keep getting my superheros confused.

Off to our favourite eating establishment now – Felfula – for a chicken burger and then on to the internet cafe to upload this and some shots from yesterday.  Wish we had something more interesting to report but hopefully by sometime this week we’ll be back in the desert!

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