Day 43 – Egypt

Location: Hathor Hotel, Aswan

Miles travelled: 4 miles (from campsite to town)

Weather: 34ºC – Sizzling

Today we mostly listened to: Adam and Joe podcast

We awoke this morning at Adam’s House campsite.  We took the decision, along with Pim and Git, that the facilities at the campsite weren’t that great and therefore we’d head in to Aswan to find a cheap hotel.  We want to do a felucca ride and visit Elephanine island – which we need to be central for.

We packed up camp and headed off to meet Mr. Salah for 9am.  We thought we might be a little late as Mitch (the car of Pim and Git) got stuck in the sand and we had to get the ladders out for them to use.  Luckily it only took about 15 minutes and despite running over a small tree we got the vehicles out fine.  As it turned out Mr. Saleh was a little late anyway.


So the news is that Monty, Ric and I have a space on the barge that goes on Monday.  Pim and Git are on the reserve list and we find out on Saturday morning whether they are on or have to wait another week – fingers crossed!  By all accounts the boat is ancient and unfortunately the cars travel separately on a pontoon that leaves the day before, but arrives a day after the passenger ferry.  We’ve booked ourselves a first class cabin on the boat, although we’ve heard that the best place to stay is on deck as it is apparently too hot in the middle of the ship – least we have the option though.

After visiting Mr.Salah we checked in to the Hathor hotel – and apart from only having street parking – it seems okay.  An afternoon wandering around, visiting the internet cafe and eating Egyptian pizza followed.

The further South we go the hotter it gets and we’ve heard that Khatoum is 39 degrees at the moment.  Apparently it can get up to 49 in the summer!  Despite the pictures I am starting (very slowly) to go a sort of reddy brown.  Both Ric and I both have ‘truckers tans’ on our arms from the car and new mosquito bites pop up everyday – as you can imagine we’re looking really good!

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